Love In Vain

A Music Video By Rudy Strukoff

Country of Origin- United States

“Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on.”

The tune of the guitar just flows in the air maybe that’s called love or more than else. Rudy Strukoff establishes this journey with a good vibe it seems memories it’s more familiar also. The poetry of love is a good way. And the story shows the loneliness of a man who is at end line age. Yes, he is lonely and the place where he came from is also one of the loneliest places. I have ever seen. Besides mountains and train lines and roads, there were no houses or locality. Only cafes and hotels were there besides a personal airport.
And it’s also far from the main city of New Mexico. Rudy Strukoff is playing the guitar and also singing a song all over the place just to impress the lady and share his feelings during his summer vacation. Yes, the love between them is still possible. The lady is maybe Rudy’s lover and it shows days were passing but Rudy kept his efforts alive by singing and playing guitar which is a sign of love.
But at last, Rudy returns to his home.

The location was so beautiful the train passing scene create another magic. But the use of dissolve is a little bit more. And the end scene when the use of ambiance sounds and then came the music portion was good it looked like “LOVE IN VAIN” all time.