Being a Dog

Director Felix Swahn

Country of origin Sweden

Woww…!! what an Idea! I really appreciate the Director of this project. Being a Dog is not an animated film it was more than a human psychology. Director Felix Swahn well made this transformation in psychology. In this era, we really forget about our emotions about our friendship and etc. And also the film is showing the reality of society and how judgemental human being is as when he tries to share his feelings with humans they all laughed and make fun of him. After becoming human he proposed to the girl and also told her that due to her past relationships, he is afraid of sharing his feelings which many mans faced in today’s world. But being a dog is not bad as dogs were always loyal. In today’s society, everyone is trying to pull down the other one which is a very bad sign. But as we see there were good people also as the girl understands him and gives him time to think and also the girl is not judging him. Society should accept everyone and try to pull up instead of pulling down. The dog which was running after the man shows the angerness of the dog against a human being. And the last scene was awesome when Tim pissed on the post it’s a symbolic aspect.

Technically the animation was good. I feel if the structure was more soothing then it will be touching the audience more. But this a great project.