Directed by

Narsimha Chintaluri

It is the story of an expatriate Indian family. It is commendable that such a period is depicted in this documentary. Reminisce of two couples. They continue to tell stories of their life events. Their family story where the story of their mother-in-law’s life is told is really painful. One lost her husband at the age of 19 and was pregnant at the time. Such incidents may happen in many of our families without us knowing. All these stories are lost in the rules of time.

This story is about a retired husband and wife. They share their perspective on life and stories of their travels. In front of the beach again in the swing of the house that gives us a different feeling and we remember our grandparents.

At this time, we are all standing in a place where relationships are broken, and this kind of documentary teaches us to strengthen the bonds of relationships. That our love is still alive and that together we will win a lot more.

Technically, this documentary is okay. We think it would have been better to do it more carefully. It would have been better if the camera frames were taken from different angles. Editing would also be nicer if the information could be handed out nicely. Some places have sound problems. But we like the idea of this documentary. We look forward to seeing better things in the future.