Findings Directed by Kristina Schippling

A short film that follows the footsteps of a woman and thereby displays a few interesting aspects of human nature.
The story begins with a woman’s transformation from a child to an intuitive grown-up. Confined within her well-known environment her spirits tend to outgrow and explore the unknown. The process however becomes tricky when nothing works as planned. She decides to explore furthermore. The search brings her closer to the identity that defines her.
The use of mimetic movements by the protagonist and the miniature house/ ”doll house “(precisely as shown in the film) makes the film visually delightful to watch. Some of the oldest practices like MIB(message in a bottle) add romantic melancholia to the narrative and distinctly explain the desperate conditions.
The background music is good but could be a bit more dramatic since the film does not have any dialogue or effective sound. The park bench sequence being the only scene that describes atrocities the protagonist had to face while dealing with the real world was a very necessary part of the narrative. The scene substantially explains the difference between expectation and reality and offers some relief to see a few different faces.
Human life is all about growth and change. With the course of time not only physical but mental growth is also inevitable. The film feasibly follows the protagonist through her small journey from girl to womanhood. A quest to paint the canvas of her dreams, to find a home that defines her.
Looking forward to seeing more from the team and Heartiest congratulations!

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