This film shows the chasing of the past. Yes, Vartu was feeling guilty because she did not support her best friend in her time of need just for fear of losing her job. But if that day Vartu speaks up against her school principal, who sexually assaults her best friend, and she also sees his principal doing this, then she might lose her job, but she wins the trust of her best friend and might get a job in another school.
It was her past who was chasing her all the time; it was all in her mind because she could not help her best friend, and after filing a police complaint, as the principal had friends in the investigating team, the investigating team also gave him a clean chit, and after filing the complaint, her best friend also left the school, and due to a lack of eyewitnesses and a solid professor, the school board committee found the principal innocent and also rehired him back as a member of the board.
It was Vartu’s past who came in the last with a ceasor holding it confidently and showing Vartu to take action against that pervert principal.
The number from which the videos have come is untraceable till now, and no camera or person shooting the video was also found beside her house.
According to me, it is a great message to society that
We all have this situation in life where we have to choose between being truthful and facing the situation or being a liar or escaping the situation at all, just like Vartu, but everyone chooses either to escape the situation or to tell lies just because it is beneficial for themselves.
As told by the current principal, sometimes we have to think about what is right for us and don’t give a damm about others. I think it is not a situation-based answer, and as long as one can, they should support their friends and close ones and face the truth, regardless of thinking only about themselves, because one day that truth will come out and you have to face the consequences in a very bad way you can’t even think of.
As the title Decay shows, trust and friendship can decay if proper action is not taken at the right time. Only proper action and truthfulness can prevent this decay of trust and friendship, which will increase over time.

Technical Aspect:

Firstly thank you very much Director of this film Mr. Aditya Chowdhury for presenting a great film. One of the best things in this film the music of this film was so good every sequence was enhanced by the music. The camera work was good and the lighting of this film was also good. Personally, we think the film location was mostly an interior. Not so changes and the also characters. There are few characters, if the story was a little bit elaborated we think it would be more compact from our judge’s point of view. We hope in the future we will see more great projects from your end.

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